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This month in the oldest university in Ukraine took place a sports eventfor students and teachers of itself. Recreation has a significant impact on the university’s sports life and makes a point of main sports event of the college. We took an in-depth interview with one of the participants of the show, who leaked a piece of information to our correspondent:
-Boris, you won a praise from a crowd as the fastest student in the Academy. Do you feel in a public eye now?
- (Laughs) I have to confess that I am never tired of celebrity life.
-Have you actually enjoyed an event? So many spectators came today to cheer their teams!
- Well yeah, the event is exciting, a number of students are involved in. Moreover, what I like about it all, it is about not only sports competition, but also cohesion and team playing, what makes more joy!
- I feel sorry for that you had not succeeded this year to get a reward. However, rumor has it that your fac…

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